Skilled Nursing

Nursing services are provided by either a Registered Nurses (RNs) or a Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).  Our nurses have many responsibilities when it comes to patient care. 

The RN gives direct care, teaches and supervises others in aspects of patient care, and is responsible for assessing patient needs and for planning patient care.  He/she identifies the need for and refers the patient to other Agency-based services and community resources as well. 

There are many other Professional Nursing Functions within home health and in keeping with professional standards, and depending upon each patient/family need, all, or a selection, of the following nursing functions may be performed:

  •       Pediatric nursing
  •       Ventilator and tracheotomy care
  •       Care for chronic illnesses and injuries
  •       Brain and spinal cord injury care
  •       Orthopedic disorder care
  •       Diabetes management and care
  •       Genetic disorder care
  •       Implementing a clinical care plan
  •       Coordinating home medical equipment, pharmacy, and supplies
  •       Monitoring vitals
  •       Measuring height and weight
  •       Controlling infections
  •       Preventing pressure ulcers
  •       Performing dressing changes
  •       Palliative care
  •       Wound care
  •       Insulin therapy
  •       Pain management
  •     Health promotion and disease prevention
  •       Emotional support and counseling to a patient/family
  •      Teaching and supervising both normal and modified diets on the basis of medical orders, a patient/client’s nutritional needs, and a patient's usual dietary habits
  •      Administering medications when ordered by a physician
  •      Observing, documenting and communicating the patient’s reaction to treatment and any changes in condition and assists in interpreting medical recommendations.
  •       Scheduling and/or participating in case conferences when indicated.
  •       Acting as the patient’s advocate, as circumstances require, by initiating action to improve health care or to change decisions or activities which are against the interests or wishes of the patient and by giving the patient the opportunity to make informed decisions about health care before it is provided.
  •       Assuring that to the extent possible, services are provided by the same personnel to the same patient/client.

And many more! If you don’t see your concern or issue listed, give us a call and let us see if we can help.  We’re here to help and here to serve!


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